Why its so Important to Get Your Routine Checkup

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So, when is the last time you went in for a check-up? It seems like many of us wait until we are sick until we go to our doctors.

But why not go to your doctor for your routine check-ups to help catch ailments before they manifest into something bigger. Your physicals and check-ups can help show you where your body is and help identify problems early in their progression.

Along with your standard wellness exam the CDC recommends checking on the following: -Breast and Cervical Cancer
-Cholesterol -Colorectal Cancer
-High Blood Pressure -Oral Health
-Prostate Screening
-Skin Cancer

Also here are some tips of some things to do before you go in for your exam to make your visit the best it can be and save time filling our paperwork and focusing on you instead: -Review your family health history before your visit
-Find out what screenings you are due for
-Write down a list of issues to focus your appointment
- Write down future ideas that may impact your health. Is there anything in the future that may concern your health. Future pregnancy, are smoking now, does your job or home expose you to hazards.

Also, besides these tests there are some other great tests that can be recommended if you ask your doctor. Some of these include: -gut biome -hormone levels -allergens/sensitivities -toxin exposures -nutrient testing

It always better to be on top of your health and to maintain it. Honestly the best doctors are the ones who can help you stay healthy and prevent disease. After all its supposed to be healthcare and not sickcare.

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