Why We Must Move Away from a Band-aid Healthcare Model

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Bandaids are only good until they are wet. We’ve all been there. In a pool just trying to have a good time, then there floats by a bandaid... yuck 🤢

Just a little humor but we can kind of look at our healthcare system similar to this bandaid. First, a bandaid is placed on a patient. A small adhesive dressing to cover the patients wounds.

But after time this bandaid falls off. Just like the one in the pool. Left is the body... still wounded... still needing to heal.

When we look at where we are with treating chronic disease today it’s much like that bandaid. We often give medications and other treatments that simply cover a symptom of a wound. Leaving the body... still wounded...still needing to heal.

Often this is due to the way we approach treating a patient. We often look to simply mask a symptom (under a bandaid). Over time these symptoms true cause is suppressed. The true underlying ailment never to be treated. This is where chronic disease begins. Because ultimately overtime we are only making ourselves sicker and sicker.

So, ask yourself... When it comes to your health are you being shown how to fix the cause of ailment? Do you feel like you are truly fixing yourself or just popping some pills every day covering up the real problem?

It’s time to rip off that bandaid and demand empowerment to know how to heal our bodies. Let’s demand a healthcare system where our doctors teach us how to heal. But, just remember the quicker we remove this bandaid the less it will hurt 😁

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