You Cant Fix the Body Without Fixing the Mind

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You can’t fix the body without fixing the mind.

Our minds are our fundamental tool behind healing. It takes this complex organs full support to help with any healing.

Healing is an adventure. Whether you are trying to loose weight, fight cancer, correct irritable bowl syndrome... you name it, you are going to need the support of your mind.

First, only you can make the decision to heal. It takes your conscious effort to give your body what it needs to become healthy. No doctor, no pill will do this for you. They can only support you with the the tools but it takes your minds determination and work to get you there.

Second, the mind controls more of our ailments then we give It credit to. Depression, anxiety, lack of purpose... all these psychological conditions can manifest disease. To often are we just looking at the symptoms they express and pay to little attention to these as being the cause.

How often when you have a inflamed colon does your doctor ask, “do you have a drive toward purpose” or inquire about your happiness. However, these mental effects have been shown to elicit physical responses. We as health care providers need to spend more time on this. Mental disease is rampant and way to overlooked.

In my opinion everyone has some level of mental issue that effects them daily. Every encounter with a patient should supplement some form of help to also improve the mind. It takes your mind, body, and soul working together to truly achieve health.

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