Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

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Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie

With summer right around the corner, many are gearing up for the impending warmer temperatures. That means gathering ingredients to make some of their favorite beverages. If you want something that not only tastes great and helps cool your down, but is also good for you, this recipe for a kiwi strawberry smoothie is one you have to try out for yourself.

Start by gathering some fresh kiwi and strawberries. You will also need ice and yogurt. You will need to chop them up into manageable pieces. Then, you add the fruit into the blender with about ½ c. of yogurt. For the yogurt, you can use a plain or a strawberry blend. The choice is yours. Then, add in about ½ c. of ice. Place the lid on the blender and start blending. It shouldn’t take long to blend everything together.

If you like your mixture a little thicker, you can always add more ice to the mix. For those who want it a little thinner, add in some juice or more yogurt. The choice is yours. Some even prefer a little organic sugar to taste. Not only is this drink good for you, but it is packed with nutrients and vitamins that will leave you wanting more. You can mix out the fruits for whatever ones you prefer the best, but the rest of the ingredients will remain the same. Consider freezing your fruit and forgoing the ice as well. You can mix things up however you like.

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