Organic Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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Organic Breakfast Burrito Recipe

Organic breakfast burritos from a frozen foods section? How can you be sure it’s truly organic? Instead, follow this simple recipe to make your own at home.

Here’s what you will need:

1 100% organic corn or wheat burrito wrap

2 100% organically fed, cage-free, free-range, pesticide and growth-hormone free chicken eggs

3 ounces of organically fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free pork and/or beef sausage

1 organic red and/or green pepper, chopped (optional, as the pepper just adds color and roughage)

1-2 organic mushrooms, sliced (if desired)

1 organic jalapeno pepper, sliced cross-wise (also if desired, since not everyone likes hot spicy food in the morning)


  1. Scramble the eggs and set aside.
  2. Sauté the meat until fully cooked.
  3. Sauté all of the veggies (except the jalapenos) you chose, if any, until they are soft. A little organic butter helps, but you can use the juices and fat from the meat too.
  4. Combine all of your burrito’s stuffing’s together in a bowl and stir.
  5. Heat the burrito wrap either by warming it in a skillet on the stove with the burner on lowest setting for thirty seconds each side or by heating it in the microwave for thirty seconds.
  6. Spoon the burrito filling into the center of the burrito wrap and try to make a rectangle of filling in the middle.
  7. If desired, add a row of sliced jalapeno across the top of the filling before folding the wrap into a closed burrito.
  8. Fold both ends of the burrito in so that the ends cover the short rectangular ends of the burrito filling. Then fold the bottom flap up and the top flap down to create the perfect burrito shape.

Voila! Your own homemade organic breakfast burrito! Filling may make two burritos depending on the size of the wrap you use.

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