Vegan Coconut Curry - Plant Based Recipe

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Vegan Coconut Curry 

Vegan Coconut Curry

Yield: Feeds 2 People Prep time: 10min Total time: 40min 


Organic Onion | 1 Organic Green Onion | 2 Stalks Organic Garlic | 1 Clove Coconut Milk | 1 Can Curry | 3-4 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil| 1 Tbsp Organic Potato | 2 Organic Carrots | 3 Organic Spinach | 2 Cup 


  • Shred Carrots and place in bowl. Coarsely chop onions, spinach, and potatoes. Finely dice garlic. Dice green onion into 1⁄4 inch pieces and set to side for garnish. 
  • In Deep Frying Pan add oil and heat to medium heat. Add garlic and cook until aromatic. 
  • Add in onions, potatoes, and carrots, cook for 5min. 
  • After vegetables have slightly browned add in coconut milk. Add curry powder o the pan. Cook at medium high temperature and allow curry to come to boil. Let curry boil for about 5min allowing curry to reduce in volume. 
  • After, curry has reduced slightly in volume bring heat down to medium low. Add in spinach and allow to wilt (1-2min) 
  • Once curry is complete add to rice, quinoa or enjoy alone. Garnish with diced green onions. 
  • Enjoy 
Special Diet Informationo the Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan

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