Stone Natural Medicine values are in our tagline, “healthcare, not sick care”. We promote healthy and active living and aim to raise the standard in the supplement industry through natural and regenerative practices. This is achieved through constant education in the form of blogs, recipes, social media and providing access to trusted products for use.  Each product was created with people in mind and the platform to educate why they benefit your body.

What is Natural Medicine?

At Stone Natural Medicine, our holistic approach emphasizes the need to look at the whole person when creating a treatment plan. Not only do we focus on physical and nutritional aspects, but environmental, social, emotional, and lifestyle as well. By taking the time to create a natural, individualized plan that works with your lifestyle, results are proven effective and long-lasting.

Natural Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of human disorders using natural methods. This may include healthy recipes, natural products, and more. The basis of natural medicine is to restore the balance of good health for an overall better quality of life.

Devin Stone, HHP, AHP

Devin Stone has been working in the medical and science community for most of his life. As a graduate of the University of California- Riverside, Devin holds a B.S. in Medical Biology. During his stay at the University, he concentrated his studies and research in cellular medicine and genomics. After UC Riverside Devin Completed a Masters Level Certificate program in Regenerative Medicine at the Universiteit Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Devin currently is a Medical Student studying to become a Physician at Bastyr University. 

Devin Stone Stone has also obtained numerous alternative medicine certifications including the following:

Board Certified Drugless Practitioner

Board Certified Holistic Health PractitionerBoard

Certified Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Child Nutrition Certification from Stanford University

Cancer Biology Certificate from John Hopkins University

Today Devin leads the field of Alternative and Natural medicine striving to provide effective protocols utilizing natural alternatives.

Natural Medicine is a system of primary health care that helps you transform your health through a combination of natural remedies, healthy recipes, and products. Schedule your Natural Medicine Consultation to determine the best course of treatment, and prevention of ailments through a fully holistic approach.